What's With All the Pee Pranks?

On todays show, we invite listeners to phone in with their favorite ( or least favorite ) April Fools Day Pranks, and discover many of our listeners have a hang up on urine. But we do get some good pranks in, tell some stories, and discuss possible replacements for the Asian Ice Hockey League.

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Deep Dark Woods - Winter Hours - How Can I Try
First Aid Kit - Still Standing - My Resignation
Evil Farm Children - II: The Evilling - Cone of Silence
Paul Cresey - When Beauty Has Passsed - Cut Me Some Slack
Cold War Kids - Loyalty to Loyalty - Every Valley is Not a Lake
Julie Doiron - I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day - Je le savais
Hank - The Luck of the Singers - Distraction
Jay Clark and the Jones - Blue Cholera - Don't Wanna Leave It
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 - Goodnight Oslo - Saturday Groovers
Nickel Eye - The Time of the Assassins - Back From Exile
King Nancy - This Is Not a High-Five - Expected to Heal
A.C. Newman - Get Guilty - There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve...
Shotgun Jimmie - Still Jimmie - Used Parts
Matthew De Zoete - Bottom of the World - Double Barrel Shotgun
Mastodon - Crack the Skye - Quintessence
Swan Lake - Enemy Mine - Paper Lace
Joel Plaskett - Three - Drifter's Raus
Mia Riddle - Tumble and Drag - City Song
Paper Moon - What Are You Going to Do With Me? - These New Friends of Yours... (Candlelight mix)
Solarists - Coast Spirit - Silhouettes

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