Paper Cranes Wrap Up!

WELL I am sure by now you...and of course by 'you' i mean all you Nippon Paper Cranes fans, have finally put a stop to your non stop celebrating of your Asian Ice Hockey League Championship! Congratulations to the Cranes AND The Seibu Prince Rabbits for one HECK of a Championship Series.  Now someone save the Rabbits so we can enjoy an 8 Team League next season ( providing that expansion team comes in!). Oh and Congrats to Cranes Goalie Hisashi Ishikawa on winning the Championship MVP. He stopped 500 shots in the playoffs! The next highest goaltender had 336 shots! Well done.

Now before we put the season to rest, i thought you might get a kick out of this: I stumbled up on a Nippon Paper Cranes fansite. I am going to put it on the sidebar with the other links to things we like. Its all in Japanese, but its got some really cool things, and some AMAZING Photos from the finals. The photo from this post is from that site. 

You can check out the site here


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  1. Hello from the land of the rising sun, where little black haired people with slanted eyes eat fish heads and walk really fast.
    I just found your website, wish I found it last year!! I think you site is great, funny, and very contagious! Keep up the good work!!

    By the way, this is Yule75 from the Cranes, looking to repeat and destroy anyone that comes in our way! I will personally put my SIGNED hockey card and sweaty socks up for the winner of this years Asian Hockey Pool!