Feb 24 2009 - Cold, Co Hosts, and What the Heck is that Noise?

Chad was away this morning, but thank the goodness our good friend Derek stopped by and saved me from destroying your tuesday morning. We had a HUGE update from the Asian Ice Hockey League; Lots of Great Tunes, and i only wrecked 1 CD Player! Its a new record!

Now, seeing as how i have a tendency to break things when i am behind the radio controls, We did have a request for a local band called ' Zero Something' and as i was playing their song off the myspace, i somehow buggered up the feed, and there is some talking garbling up the song. SO I apologize for that, so i enourage EACH and every one of you to go to www.myspace.com/zerosomething and ch-ch-ch-check it out!

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Matt Mayes and El Torpedo - Terminal Romance - Building a Boat
Elliot Brood - Mountain Meadows - Fingers and Toungues
The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing - Great DJ
Justin Rutledge - Man Descending - Everyone's in Love
The Kills - Midnight Boom - Cheap and Cheerful
Petunia and the Loons - S/T - Cold Heart Breaker
Young Galaxy - Outside the City EP - Outside the City
Matt Costa - Mr. Pitiful - Mr. Pitiful
Cake - Prolonging the Magic - Sheep go to Heaven
Wierd "Al" Yankovic - Straight outta lynnwood - Close, but No Cigar
Lions for Sheep - The Contest - Time
Chris Carmichael - S/T - Nowhere
Trophy Wives - S/T - Im Yer Wife
Major Maker - People Carrier - Last Goodbye
Bran Van 3000 - Forever - Forever
Drop Kick Murphys - Warriors Cove - Wicked Sensative Crew
Kings of Leon - Only By The Night - Notion
Dala - Who Do You Think You Are - Don't Wait
Corb Lund - Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier - I wanna be in the Calvary
2 Hours Traffic - Little Jabs - Heroes of the Sidewalk
Lucky Boys Confusion - Throwing the Game - Bossman
Zero Something - Myspace.com/zerosomething - So Myself

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