Death to Daylight!!!

Everyone had their arch nemisis: Batman has the Joker, Robin Hood has the Sheriff of Nottingham, Chad has Phil Collins, etc etc etc. I am no different, except unlike Robin Hood, i have to deal with my Nemisis TWICE a Year! That Enemy? Daylight Savings Time!

See i'm from Saskatchewan, aka, God's Country, where daylight savings time doesn't exist. You set your clock once, then mosy on out to the wheat field, to listen to the Riders on the neighbors A.M. radio. Never have to look at it again! HOWEVER ever since moving to Edmonton, i've had to set, reset, and reset again my clocks, watches and microwave! Appointments: MISSED. Sleep: LOST. Why do we everyday engage in the same song and dance! And that Rhyme? Spring Back, Fall Foward or some junk. My friends, we must end this madness.

Effectively immediatly, i am dedicating my life to RIDDING THE WORLD of The Daylight Savings Menace. No longer should we show up an hour early or an hour late for things. No longer should we wake up in the middle of the night and have to consult several clocks and guess which one is correct! We deserve better! WE Deserve what Saskatchewan has!

Or clocks that set themselves. One of the two.


  1. Dude, your compy will do it on its own. And I'm so happy you remembered I hate Phil Collins.

  2. Thats not the point! Fall Front Spring Sideways! Its madness! This is all some scheme from the daylight savings illuminati. THEY MUST defeated!