The Nippon Paper Cranes withstood a fierocious comeback by the Seibu Prince Rabbits, including 2 goals by Seibu Captain Takahito Suzuki, to hold on for a 3 - 2 victory to capture the 76th Asian Hockey League Championship monday night ( or monday morning here in Edmonton ).

The Rabbits outshot the Cranes 56-33, 19 - 9 in the third period alone.

More pictures and information to come later today, as the game JUST ENDED, and hasn't even been reported on by any of the Japanese news sites and blogs. We'll also announce the winner of our Asian Hockey League Playoff Pick em' Tomorrow on CJSR 88.5 FM after 8:10am

Makin Whoopee Congratulates the Nippon Paper Cranes on their win, and Salutes the Seibu Prince Rabbits on a fantastic finish to the season. Someone buy this team and keep them in the League next year!

More pictures and video to come later today!