Your Favorite Cottage Cheese Recipies

Well apparently i made a gross miscalculation about Cottage Cheese. Not only was i wrong, i was super wrong! "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Wrong. So i concede victory to all of you who like Cottage Cheese. I bow to your protein and calcium rich wisdom.

As a token of my appreciation to for everyone who texted, phoned, commented and voted, Here are some of your Favorite Cottage Cheese Recipies:

A Texter said Its good with Fruit. And Salsa?!
Adam Texted in and recommends it with Taboulee
Cottage Cheese with Seasoning Salt
Kamelle likes Cottage Cheese with Peaches
Cindy suggested two cheesy ideas: With Tomatoe, and Mandarin Oranges
Quinn puts cinnamon on her Cottage Cheese.
Jason adds green onions and pepper to his Cottage Cheese.
And finally, someone actually said they eat Cottage cheese and Jam. Blugh.

I will never question our listener's food loyalties again...until sweeps week.


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