it BEGINS!!!

Hi Folks! Sorry for the scant updates on the ol 'Whoopee blog lately; I've found i have become a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities of work, life, radio show, AND other CJSR duties, and have had to take a few days to step back, gather my marbles and make new plans! The GOOD news is i am going to be taking a bit of a break of NON Makin Whoopee things, so i will spending a bit more energy on the blog, doing my very best to help entertain YOU: The very lovely Makin Whoopee listener! We Love ya! We really do!

JUST to remind you all, the Asian Ice Hockey League Playoffs start TOMORROW! Actually, because of the time difference they may already have started, so if you haven't made your Playoff Picks for round one, email them to makinwhoopee@cjsr.com ( for more info, click here). Good luck!

We'll see you on the Air tomorrow morning!


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