Hurling Night in Canada??

You know its funny how thinks work.

For the last couple weeks i've been mulling over what the heck i am going to go cover, when the Asian Ice Hockey League comes to an end. Now in the 2 past summers, i've done updates on the Mexican Leagues of Baseball, but i decided that i didnt want to do that anymore because a) my tendency to butcher spanish names and b) NO ONE LIKES BASEBALL. Never got people excited as Asian Hockey. So if Mexican Baseball is out, what is in? No clue. No idea as to what we're gonna do, but we wanna cover some wacky sport.

And then, the Phone rings.....

Specifically, at the CJSR, just this past tuesday. I listener phones and, and suggests, COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE, that i cover 'Hurling', which he describes as Irelands Greatest Sport. HURLING!! So i take a look and it looks like its a cross between Hockey, Soccer and Rugby. You know what? I think this Listener is a Genius...

So i am going to research this Hurling,and hopefully they have a quasi proffesional league we can report on! I mean its Irish, its violent so this may be the perfect fit! Oh and if you were that guy who phoned in on tuesday, POST A COMMENT on the blog and give me all the information on this sport you can muster!

You, dear listeners, are awesome!


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