Feb 10 2009 - Jason wears a stupid Mask

On Todays show we discuss the relative merits of 'Friday the 13th', both the day and the less than stellar movie franchise. We ponder whether Jason should have updated to a modern goalie mask, give a nice breakdown of the upcoming Asian Ice Hockey League playoffs and much much more!

Block of Yellow - Do I Do - Do I Do
Japanese Motors - Vice - Regrets a Paradise
Green Go - s/t - Ghosts of the Future
Brian Mason - Almost There - I'm Leaving
Hot Panda - Volcano...Bloody Volcano - Afraid of the Weather
Adlai Waxman - Down At Joe's - the Game
the Craft Economy - The Craft Economy Is On Your Side - Menergy
Sylvie - Trees and Shade Are Our Only Fences - Instruments of War
The Swills - Travelling Thru Time - Cold Front
Waking Eyes - Holding On To Whatever It Is - Clap Clap
Gemma Hayes - Hollow of Morning - Out of Our Hands
In-Flight Safety - We Are An Empire, My Dear - I Could Love You More
Fall Turnout - Perfect Neverending - Sorry State of Capital City
Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen - s/t - Sorry State of Capital City
His Shaggy Chords - Narcissist Personality Disorder - I Never Cry Wolfe
the Bad Plus - For All I Care - Barracuda
the Love Language - s/t - Nocturne
Kinky - Barracuda - Those Girls
Zero Cool - Pretty - We're Not Fugazi
the Great Outdoors - Fall EP - Under the Sun
the Superband - #1 - Oops Upside Your Head
Doug Randle - Songs for the New Industrial State - Coloured Plastic

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  1. since the link no longer works, where would it be possible to get a copy of this episode?