Hurling Night in Canada??

You know its funny how thinks work.

For the last couple weeks i've been mulling over what the heck i am going to go cover, when the Asian Ice Hockey League comes to an end. Now in the 2 past summers, i've done updates on the Mexican Leagues of Baseball, but i decided that i didnt want to do that anymore because a) my tendency to butcher spanish names and b) NO ONE LIKES BASEBALL. Never got people excited as Asian Hockey. So if Mexican Baseball is out, what is in? No clue. No idea as to what we're gonna do, but we wanna cover some wacky sport.

And then, the Phone rings.....

Specifically, at the CJSR, just this past tuesday. I listener phones and, and suggests, COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE, that i cover 'Hurling', which he describes as Irelands Greatest Sport. HURLING!! So i take a look and it looks like its a cross between Hockey, Soccer and Rugby. You know what? I think this Listener is a Genius...

So i am going to research this Hurling,and hopefully they have a quasi proffesional league we can report on! I mean its Irish, its violent so this may be the perfect fit! Oh and if you were that guy who phoned in on tuesday, POST A COMMENT on the blog and give me all the information on this sport you can muster!

You, dear listeners, are awesome!



Behold our T SHIRT SMITH

So we've been talking alot about this T Shirt one of you is going to win in our Asian Ice Hockey League Playoff, and BOY its gonna be a doozy! We're getting Edmonton's own Nobel Prize Winning Designer Stefanie Torres from in3stees to not only design but PRINT the Winning T Shirt. So not only will you be victorious, you will be wearing a one of a kind original in3stees print!

Instant, year round cool ladies and gentlemen. Thats what we provide for you, our loving listeners.



2 Days after Round 1 of the Asian Ice Hockey League Playoff's start, they're over! The Nippon Paper Cranes DEEESTROOOOYED High 1, in 2 Games, which means we probably have a tie in our Asian Ice Hockey League Pick Em! DON'T WORRY though, now the tournament gets really interesting! Here are the ROUND 2 MATCHUPS

Defending Champion Oji Eagles ( 3rd Place Regular Season )
Soon to be Bankrupt Seibu Prince Rabbits ( 2nd place Regular Season)


Leaderflag Victors Anyang Halla ( 1rst Place Regular Season)
Blood Thirsty Nippon Paper Cranes (4th Place Regular Season)

Both Series are Best of 7 and Start February 24th! Get your Picks on who you think is going to win and by how many games into makinwhoopee@cjsr.com RIGHT THIS MOMENT! ( btw, i can't win this contest, but i am pickin Cranes in 7 and Eagles in 5)



Feb 17 2009 - Tyrant Birthdays

On todays show, we discuss stupid Blue Ray Cases, Give an update on the Asian Ice Hockey League Playoffs, and wish happy birthday to some of Humanities greatest tyrants! Hope you had a good one Paris Hilton!

To listen to or to download the show, click here

On the Brink - Take Cover - M.E.M.P.H.I.S.
40 Thieves - s/t - Ghosts
Valery Gore - Avalanche to Wandering Bears - Shoes of Glass
British Colombians - s/t - Bye Bye Marie
Red Ram - Land of Dreams EP - Cold Road
Matt Perri - the Moon - You Bring Me Down
the Deep Dark Woods - Winter Hours - All the Money I Had Is Gone
Prairie Cat - Summer's Done EP - It Began/Ended With Sparks
Matthew Ryan Woods - Edgewise - Don't Be Alarmed
Woodpidgeon - Treasury Library Canada - Love In the Time of Hopscotch
Michael Rault - Crash! Boom! Bang! - Side Winder
His Shaggy Chords - Narcissist Personality Inventory - Get Up Off That Path and Step Into the Corridor
Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project - Mrs. Morris
Doug Randle - Songs for the New Industrial State - Nicolston Dam
Jay and the Barn Flyz - Songs for My Seaweed Girl - Red Flag
Timber Timbre - s/t - Magic Arrow
the Grass - Rogue Waves - Down at the Station
Safety Show - Blackwater - Taking the Patients
the Bicycles - Oh No, It's Love - Walk Away (from a Good Thing)
Pat Deighan & the Orb Weavers - In A Fever, In a Dream - So Tell Me
Sylvie - Trees and Shade Are Our Only Fences - Instruments of War


1. You have found good company. Enjoy!
2. Take pains to prevent getting completely exhausted.


it BEGINS!!!

Hi Folks! Sorry for the scant updates on the ol 'Whoopee blog lately; I've found i have become a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities of work, life, radio show, AND other CJSR duties, and have had to take a few days to step back, gather my marbles and make new plans! The GOOD news is i am going to be taking a bit of a break of NON Makin Whoopee things, so i will spending a bit more energy on the blog, doing my very best to help entertain YOU: The very lovely Makin Whoopee listener! We Love ya! We really do!

JUST to remind you all, the Asian Ice Hockey League Playoffs start TOMORROW! Actually, because of the time difference they may already have started, so if you haven't made your Playoff Picks for round one, email them to makinwhoopee@cjsr.com ( for more info, click here). Good luck!

We'll see you on the Air tomorrow morning!


Feb 10 2009 - Jason wears a stupid Mask

On Todays show we discuss the relative merits of 'Friday the 13th', both the day and the less than stellar movie franchise. We ponder whether Jason should have updated to a modern goalie mask, give a nice breakdown of the upcoming Asian Ice Hockey League playoffs and much much more!

Block of Yellow - Do I Do - Do I Do
Japanese Motors - Vice - Regrets a Paradise
Green Go - s/t - Ghosts of the Future
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Hot Panda - Volcano...Bloody Volcano - Afraid of the Weather
Adlai Waxman - Down At Joe's - the Game
the Craft Economy - The Craft Economy Is On Your Side - Menergy
Sylvie - Trees and Shade Are Our Only Fences - Instruments of War
The Swills - Travelling Thru Time - Cold Front
Waking Eyes - Holding On To Whatever It Is - Clap Clap
Gemma Hayes - Hollow of Morning - Out of Our Hands
In-Flight Safety - We Are An Empire, My Dear - I Could Love You More
Fall Turnout - Perfect Neverending - Sorry State of Capital City
Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen - s/t - Sorry State of Capital City
His Shaggy Chords - Narcissist Personality Disorder - I Never Cry Wolfe
the Bad Plus - For All I Care - Barracuda
the Love Language - s/t - Nocturne
Kinky - Barracuda - Those Girls
Zero Cool - Pretty - We're Not Fugazi
the Great Outdoors - Fall EP - Under the Sun
the Superband - #1 - Oops Upside Your Head
Doug Randle - Songs for the New Industrial State - Coloured Plastic

To listen or download the show, click here


Your Favorite Cottage Cheese Recipies

Well apparently i made a gross miscalculation about Cottage Cheese. Not only was i wrong, i was super wrong! "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Wrong. So i concede victory to all of you who like Cottage Cheese. I bow to your protein and calcium rich wisdom.

As a token of my appreciation to for everyone who texted, phoned, commented and voted, Here are some of your Favorite Cottage Cheese Recipies:

A Texter said Its good with Fruit. And Salsa?!
Adam Texted in and recommends it with Taboulee
Cottage Cheese with Seasoning Salt
Kamelle likes Cottage Cheese with Peaches
Cindy suggested two cheesy ideas: With Tomatoe, and Mandarin Oranges
Quinn puts cinnamon on her Cottage Cheese.
Jason adds green onions and pepper to his Cottage Cheese.
And finally, someone actually said they eat Cottage cheese and Jam. Blugh.

I will never question our listener's food loyalties again...until sweeps week.




Starting February 17th Makin Whoopee is having its very first ASIAN HOCKEY LEAGUE PLAYOFF POOL, and you could win your very own 'Makin Whoopee T Shirt' and an Hockey Puck signed by Colin and Chad! Here is how it works:

1. Visit www.alhockey.com. Study. Study Hard.
2. Send an email to makinwhoopee@cjsr.com with your name, t shirt size, and who you think is going to win Round 1 of the Playoffs ( Nippon Paper Cranes vs High 1) and in how many games. ( Example: Cranes in 3 or High 1 in 2...etc etc)
3. Do the same thing before the beginning of each round. Make sure you use the same name!
4. The Person with the most correct picks will WIN THE PRIZE and be supreme lord and master of all Asian Ice Hockey. ( in the advent of a 9 way tie, we will then draw a name at random)
5. Excited? You should be! Get your picks into www.makinwhoopee@cjsr.com before round 1 starts on February 17th!!!



Its called a " Bat'leth"!!! GOSH!!

You ever have those days when you are flipping around the Internet, you know, pretending to work, and you stumble up on a story that makes you a) laugh out loud and b) think to yourself ' i TOTALLY need to post this on the Show Website'? Yeah? ME too! Happened to me yesterday, when i read a story at CBC.ca about the guy who robbed not one, but TWO convenience stores with a 'Klingon Battle Sword'. Gad i love this planet!!

Oh and CBC? Its called a Bat'leth. Get some culture!



Feb 3 2009 - Cottage Cheese Battle!

Today we had a debate as to whether or not people actually like cottage cheese. I figure people either like it or absolutely hate it like nothing else on Earth. Colin, for example, finds the dairy delicacy nothing short of vomit inducing. So of course we went straight to the polls to find out what you, the listener, think. After a serious review of the data and a margin of error of 0.025%, I have deduced that exactly 76.9% of all human beings enjoy cottage cheese and I will be adding my findings to the cottage cheese wikipedia entry.

To listen or download the show, click here

Thanks to everyone who phoned and texted in!

Also, we announced our Asian Ice Hockey Playoff Contest today, but I'll let Colin give you the sexy details.


Lions for Sleep - Contest - Time
Letters to Elise - Secret Lives - Truth Hurts
King Nancy - This Is Not A High Five - Motown
Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen - s/t - Head in the Clouds
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Final Thought - Take This Home EP - Track #2
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Charles Spearin - The HAppiness Project - Anna
Loney Dear - Dear John - Airport Surroundings
Andrew Bird - Noble Beast - Fitz and Dizzyspells
M. Mucci - Under the Tulip Tree - For R.M.
Ship Shapes - Shuffle On, Soldier - Abe Lincoln Never Really Were A Hat
Wet Nose Hero - Congratulations Ha Ha Ha - Garbage Bag
Eamon McGrath - Winter 08-09 - Outlaw For Your Love
the Grass - Rogue Waves - Casino Taxi
Dent May - The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele - Meet Me In the Garden
Jenn Grant - Echoes - Blue Mountains
Hot Panda - Volcano...Bloody Volcano - I Tried Very Hard
Dokkemand - hons! - Lapp (feat. Lars Wiik)
Dragon Fli Empire - Redifine - Ride On (feat. Raashan Ahmed)
Buddy Holly - That'll Be the Day
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