Jan 5 2009 - Lets Celebrate The New Year with a 3 Quarter Show!

So all went well on the Live Radio version of the Show this week, however when i went to compile the MP3's to make the Podcast Version, we lost the last 30 minutes of the 8 o'clock hour!  Danged Computers! This was much much easier when we made Podcasts out of max cyclinders.

Oh Mad Props to Gentry at Subway who phoned in not only once, but twice! 

To Listen to the Show, or to Download it, Click Here

Nick Zubeck - Tracker - Tip of My Tongue
FOX Japan - Hell - Divorce
Women - s/t - Upstairs
F & M - Every Light Must Fade - Rising to the Moon
Pat Deighan & the Orb Weavers - In a Fever. In a Dream - Musical Chairs
Bowerbirds - www.myspace.com/bowerbirds - In Our Talons [by request]
the Dead Trees - Kings of Rosa - OK Stand By
Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams - Blue Flower/Blue Flame
Kensington Market - Avenue Road - Phoebe
Dear and the Headlights - Drunk Like Bible Times - Saintly Rows (Oh Oh)
Cake on Cake - Hymns I Remember - Visiting the Venice Biennale
Before the Flood - Bars Wire & Wood - Distract
Ichiban - Psycle Analysis - Twenty Two
Arkells - Jackson Square - Pullin' Punches
Safety Show - Blackwater - The Uninvited
Dropping Out - Demo 2008 - Group Rhythm
Religious Knives - the Door - Basement Watch
the Adicts - myspace.com/adicts - Steamroller remix
the Acorn - Glory Hope Mountain - Crooked Legs
Mother Mother - Oh My ♥- Hay Loft

Your expressiveness will bring in new opportunities.

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