We, at Makin Whoopee, are saddened by the News that Riccardo Montalban, aka, 'Khan' ...as in "Wrath of Khan: Star Trek Numero Deux", has beamed up to the great beyond. Now we're a little insulted that he is referred to as the actor from 'Fantasy Island'. I mean really, what was more important to society and civilization as a whole: Being on the show with the little dude with Planes? Or driving Captain Kirk into the VICE GRIP OF INSANITY?? If you have a brain, you will say the latter.

Regardless, Farewell Riccardo: May you live forever in our Star Trek VHS Box Sets.

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  1. Hello Chad! (And hello Colin, though I don't believe we've met!)
    My sweetie and I are living in London and we've been missing home (edmonton) a bit. Alex found your podcast in itunes and it's just what we needed.
    Thank you both for a quality show. You're officially in our podcast subscription list now.

    :) Laurel