Don't Vote Liberal: Vote DOOM

So it would appear that Albertans hate the Liberal Party so much, or at least the name Liberal ( Many folks are still a bit testy about something with the letters "N-E-P" in them) that the Liberal Party of Alberta is actually considering changing its name.  We here at Makin Whoopee think this is a great idea, and although Textbot chuckles at something so 'Frivolous' ( since its only a matter of time before the machines rise up and take over anyway), We would like to suggest to the Liberal Party that they change their name to: THE PARTY OF DOOM. It has a nice ring, would look pretty snazzy on a poster, and would be a refreshing change to all the phony optimism around elections anyway. 

Remember, the next time you cast your ballot; Vote for Alberta: VOTE FOR DOOM!!!

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