Dec 23 2008 - The Long Lost Festivus Show!!

The Long Lost Festivus Show! Chad is in Montreal, Celebrating the Holidays with some Family, So some of Colin's Family comes to Co-Host: Mostly his Cousin Derek ( who brings Timbits ) and his Dad John ( Who brought Music. Whew! ). We put a call into Chad, using the miracle of Technology, Discuss Festivus, and Wish everyone a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Oh yeah, and its STILL FREAKING COLD!!

The Tuesday Morning Fortune Cookie Says: "An Outstanding Opportunity Will Soon Present Itself"

To Listen to the Show or to Download it, Click Here!!


Monica Lee Band - Live at the Libra Room - Michael's Melody
End of the World 1969 - Demo Songs for a Band That doesn't Exist - Nobody
Mother Mother - Oh My Heart - Body of Years
The Jimmyriggers - Travelling Salesmen, Killer on the Run - Sunday Morning Paper
Hoja - Ho Ho Hoja - Mr. Grinch
Sylvie - Trees and Shade are our Only Fences - Please Make It Home
Sillan and Young - Under my Feet - Faithful
Tigerrrbeat - Don't Bother Me While I am using Magic - Hold My Hand
Ride Till Dawn - Hearts and Worlds Forgotten - Hard Logic
Corb Lund - Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier - Family Reunion
Proclaimers - Best of Proclaimers - I'm On My Way
Lovin Spoonful - Best of Lovin Spoonful - Wild about my Lovin
Avett Brothers - 4 Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions - Denouncing November Blue Uneasy Writer
Matt Costa - Mr. Pitiful - Mr. Pitiful
Wierd Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day - The Night Santa Went Crazy
Plants and Animals - Park Avenue - Bye Bye Bye
Doug Hoyer - CJSR Get out of your basement - Emma
Colin James - Colin James and the Little Big Band 3 - The Night is Young and You're So Fine
Jordan Emmans Band - Brave These Waters - Brightest and Best
Stan Rogers - Between the Breaks Live - White Collar Holler
Shad - Old Prince Still Lives at Home - Brother

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  1. The Jordan Emmans Band thanks you immensely for the play! Hope everyone enjoyed the song!