Dec 29, 2009 - Goodbye 2009!

On Todays show, Colin has buggered off to Saskatchewan, so Chad is joined by special Guest host: Lana! Chad counts down his favorite songs of 2009, and both of them prep you lovely people for the new year!

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Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness - Xerses
Best Coast - Something In the Way
Atlas Sound - Logos - Walkabout (w Noah Lennox)
Christian Hansen & the Autistics - Power Leopard - High School is Over
Uh Huh Her - Common Reaction - Common Reaction
Tegan & Sara - Sainthood - The Cure
Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health - Technicolor Health
Hayden - The Place Where We Lived - Let's Break Up
Lyra Brown - s/t - Easy
Dan Magnan - Nice Nice Very Nice - Road Regrets
Joel Plaskett - Three - Through & Through & Through
Antony & Bryce Dessner - Dark Was the Night - I Was Young When I Left Home
Most Serene Republic - ...and the Ever Expanding Universe - No One Likes A Nihilist
Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms - Big Bird In a Small Cage
Land of Talk - Some Are Lakes - Some Are Lakes
Jenn Grant - You'll Go Far - You'll Go Far
Great Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels - Pulling On a Line
Reverie Sound Revue - s/t - We Are the Opposite of Thieves
Small Black - s/t - Despicable Dogs
Wye Oak - The Knot - Siamese
Volcano Choir - Unmap - Island, IS

The pleasure of what we enjoy is lost by wanting more.

For some reason during the show, I called Patrick Watson's latest album "Beijing", and not "Wooden Arms". I don't know why, I must have been sleepy. 'Beijing' IS in fact a sweet tune off of Wooden Arms, and in fact the first song from the record that I played on the show this year. FACT. I am dumb. DOUBLE FACT. -chad


Dec 22 2009 - Big Sugary Xmas!

On Todays show, we have a special special Christmas treat, as CJSR's 'Mick Sleeper', who hosts 'Bass Culture' ( monday nights, 8pm ) drops by and shares with us some rare Big Sugar tunes. Mick Sabotages Chad's Dog Sled, but Chad perseveres, and All Three lads wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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the Choir Practice - Do the Mint Twist - Red Fox
Dana Wylie Band - Unruly Ones - Hometown Boy
Great Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels - Pulling On a Line
OPM - Menace to Sobriety - Unda
She & Him - Volume One - Why Do You Let Me Stay
Wyld Bunch - s/t - Last Day of School
Big Sugar - Rare Sugar - Shot in the Dark
Big Sugar - Chauffe a Bloc - Je Suis Cool
Beck - Just Say Noel - Little Drum Machine Boy
Big Sugar - Rare Sugar - Mudless Children
Elvis Presley - Elvis Christmas - Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me
Jezibelle - Love & Other Gore - Public Display
Dukes of Dixieland - New Orleans Christmas - Holiday time in N.O.
XTC - Just Say Noel - Thanks for Christmas
Nix Dixons - s/t - Curtis Zombie Movie
Albert King - Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'
James Brown - Soulful Christmas
Julian Casablancas - I Wish It Was Christmas Today


Downtown Lyra Brown!

So i was wondering through City Centre Mall the other day, naturally doing some semi last minute Christmas Shopping, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Lyra Brown Performing NEW YEARS EVE!?!? Yup! One of our favorite Artists is performing New Years eve, at Churchhill Square as part of the City of Edmonton's New Years eve bash! She'll be on the CBC Center Stage from 9pm till 945pm.

If you've never seen Lyra live, i suggest you do so! As one of the commenters to the blog put it, 'She is Awesome!'

Oh and if you missed her live appearance/performance on our show in July, you can dig that here and check out her myspace


Special Feature: The Edmontonian on Makin Whoopee

On December 8th, we were happy to welcome Jeff from the very popular news bloggery site www.theedmontonian.com. Here is an Edited down version of that show, without the music and ads. Listen to Jeff describe the blog, describe what possessed him to start the blog, and what has been the most talked about news story he's done, PLUS some normal random Makin Whoopee esque commentary!

To listen to, or download this episode click here.

If you wish to here the entire episode with all the music, click here


Dec 15, 2009 - Octonuts

On Todays Show, Chad and Colin have to survive not only a) the winter but b) doing a radio show SANS THE INTERNET! No Internet means No Asia Hockey Update, No Deadliest Prime Minister, No Text Bot Trivia, and the lads making up their own weather forecast. However, they do investigate with the help of the Listeners, the strange story connecting Octopus to Coconuts.

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

Corb Lund - Losin' Lonely Gambler - Long Gone to Saskatchewan
Katalin Kiss - A Happenstance - A Happenstance
the Fast Romantics - s/t - Soup Song
Electric - Mantra - Stones in My Head
the Proclaimers - Notes & Rhymes - Images of Sin
Manraygun - Everything is Temporary - Goodman Brown
the Litter - Distortions - Watcha Gonna Do About It
Corvina - Well Hung: Garage Rock Explosions from Communist Hungary - A tüz
Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts - Teenage Freakshow
Azeda Booth - Tubtrek - Samoan Girls
Young Galaxy - Invisible Republic - Queen Drum
Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind EP - Graze
Jay Farrar & Ben Gibbard - One Fast Move and I'm Gone soundtrack - California Zephyr
100 Mile House - From Fall to Fall - Broken Flowers
Neil Young - Dreamin' Man Live '92 - Dreamin' Man
Fink - Distance & Time - If Only
the Pines - Tremolo - Heart & Bones


Interview with Anyang Halla Scout: Samuel Kim!

Ever since we started covering the Asia League of Ice Hockey, i've sent dozens, heck HUNDREDS of dozens of emails to various teams, league offices, asking for information, prizes or just someone i could talk to about the lovely league. Well guess what friends; I finally got a response, and was put in touch with Samuel Kim, who works as a Scout and Interpreter for Anyang Halla. Not only that, Samuel hosts an NHL show on SBS Sports, a cable channel in South Korea!

Samuel was good enough to answer a couple of questions about the Asia League! Check it out!

(Makin Whoopee) Whats the Audience Like for the league? Are the fans that attend many of the games die hard hockey fans, or are they mostly casual hockey fans?

(Samuel Kim) Since the league run by three different countries(Japan, Korea, China) the fans and the audience are little different. Fans in Korea(especially in our home, Anyang) remindes me a leafs fan in ACC. They are very loud and gets into the game. Japan is different. They like to stay quiet but with little cheers. I would say casual, but well-mannered. As for Chinese, hockey is not really familier for them, but still like to cheer hard for their own team.
It's always fun travelling three different countries. Our import players love it as they don't get to travel by Air too often.

How popular are Halla and High1 compared to the Japanese teams?

Well, I would say each clubs are popular to their own country. Halla is the most popular hockey club in Korea but also well known to Japanese people. High1 joined the league only 4~5 yrs now, but the owner(mother company) is runned by popular resort company and they also sponsors other sports such as Judo, Ski, and ski jump ect.
As for Japan, Oji Eagles, Cranes, Ice-bucks, Freeblades are all important for our league too. I would say Eagles and Cranes are most popular for Korean hockey fans.

Is there a rivalry between Halla and High 1?

Yes. defenitly. Every game between Halla and High1, is sold-out. It's unbelivable atmosphere and fans go crazy. The game get intense too.

How much does the average Asia League Player make, and how much would it cost to purchase/operate a franchise in the Asia League?

It depends on each players. Domestic players gets from $25,000~80,000 (if you convert to USD) but imports makes more.

Who is the best player to EVER play in the Asia League?

Well. It's hard to say since lot of good quality players played here before. Former NHLer had good seasons including Esa Tikkanen, Zednek Nedved, Shane Endicott, and Derek Plante. Currently, I think Brock Radunske is a best player right now. He is big and has tremondous of skills. I still think that Oilers made mistake not giving him a chance to play for the big league.

How is it that China, which is a pretty proud country, has such an awful awful awful hockey team???

As you might heard before, San Jose Sharks sponsored the Chinese team until last season. But since the two parties had some dispute, Sharks pulled out. It's sad to see, but I think Sharks is looking to open an another team in China or Hong Kong (or Korea) in very near future.
The future of Asia League is not that bad !

Big thanks to Samuel Kim and Anyang Halla for responding to our email! We will definately be pressing him for more information, and, maybe, just maybe, see if we can arrange a phone interview for the show!

If you have any questions YOU'D like answered about the league, post them below and we'll Ask Mr. Kim!



Dec 8th, 2009 - Jeff 1, Snow Wolves 0

On Todays show, Chad and Colin are unpleased to tell you that Winter has Edmonton in its Icey Grip, but VERY Pleased to welcome Jeff from www.theedmontonian.com to the show. The Lads talk Spaceports, Asian Hockey, Snow Wolves, Danishes, and Jeff displays a peculiar knowledge of Prime Minister Arthur Meighn.

To listen to the show, or to download it, click here

Woodhands - Live Session - Dancer (Live)
Hot Panda - Volcano...Bloody Volcano - Cold Hands, Chapped Lips
the Choir - Nuggets, Vol. 3 - It's Cold Outside
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash - Cold Son
Fleet Foxes - s/t - White Winter Hymnal
M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us - In the Cold I'm Standing
Modest Mouse - the Moon & Antarctica - The Cold Part
Chavez - Better Days Will Haunt You - Cold Joys
Al Green - Let's Stay Together - I've Never Found a Girl
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - s/t - 40 Day Dream
Tamaryn - Mild Confusion 7" - Mild Confusion
Small Sins - s/t - We Won't Last the Winter
Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years - Cold Cold Ground
Bob Dylan - New Morning - Winterlude

A financial venture will turn a profit sooner than expected.


December 1, 2009 -DRAGON WIN

Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Terminal Romance - Building a Boat
She & Him - Volume One - Why Do You Let Me Stay
Pine Tarts - Get Out of Your Basement - Aurora Borealis Lit A Path
Colin James - Colin James & the Little Big Band 3 - Night Is Young & You're So Fun
Dropkick Murphys - Warrior Code - Tessie
Wide Mouth Mason - Shot Down Satellites - Unfold
Young & Sexy - Stand Up For Your Mother - Stand Up To Your Mother
Jessie Ross - Strange
Hannah Marcus - Black Hole Heaven - Lot 309
Falklands - Stephanie 7" - Stephanie
Let's Dance - Crazy/Sweet Kiss 7" - Crazy
Neil Young - Flying On the Ground Is Wrong
T-Rex - Electric Warrior - Cosmic Dancer
Pixies - Doolittle - Gouge Away
the Fast Romantics - s/t - Sleepy Jean
Vagina Panther - s/t - Eye of Inez
We are Wolves - Invisible Violence - Dreams
Echo & the Bunnymen - The Fountain - Forgotten Fields
the Disciplines- Smoking Kills - Best Mistake
Reverend Horton Heat - Laughin' & Cryin' - Please Don't Take the Baby to the Liquor Store


Dragon Victory!

Zhiqiang Wang scored the winning goal with less than 3 minutes left in Regulation as the China Dragon defeated the Nikko IceBucks 4-3, giving them their first victory of the season.

Wang's Goal capped a wild third period, during which started with the Dragon leading 2-1. Mikhail NEMIROVSKY's goal 5 minutes into the 3rd period made it 3-1 Dragon, until two goals by the Icebucks tied the game at 3. Shots on goal were almost even, with the Icebucks edging the Dragon 33-32.

The win by the Dragon ends their 19 game losing streak to start the season. The China Dragon are still in last place in the Asia League with 3 points, and a record of 1 - 19. The Nikko Icebucks are in 5th place with 26 points.


Presents for YOU!

Since all our listeners are such good boys and girls (and the odd
robot or two) we've decided you deserve presents! LOTS OF PRESENTS, in
the form of Special Guests! First, we'll have Jeff (and maybe Sally)
from www.theedmontonian.com, edmontons favorite city blog, in studio
December 8! Hopefully they can help with our reporting on Asian hockey
and prime ministers!

And If that wasn't enough, join us december 22 for our Christmas
Spectacular with special guest: "Bass Culture's" Mick Sleeper! If you
wanted Xmas reggae and rare Big Sugar Tracks under your tree, then
Mick is your Santa!

Hopefully you'll join us! Thanks for listening!!



November 24, 2009 - Bring it on Avril!

On todays show, The Lads get back into post Star Trek swing of things with some I Love Lucy Trivia and good Ol Lyra Brown tunes. They setup and EPIC Battle between Sir Wilfred Laurier and Kim 'Avril ' Campbell and offer to do the show from Spruce Grove, providing they get free breakfast.

To listen to, or download the show, click here

Rubik - Dada Bandits - Goji Berries
Kings of Convenience - Declaration of Dependance - Mrs. Cold
the Hoa Hoas - Pop/Drone/Pedals - Grew Up on the Seeds #
Patrick Watson - Beijing - Big Bird In a Small Cage #
Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy - Song of Our So-Called Friend
the Microphones - The Glow Part 2 - the Moon
Lyra Brown - Maria Maria #
Loney, Dear - Loney, Noir - I Am John
Dinosaur Jr - Beyond - Back to Your Heart
Sean Savage - Weird Daze - What #
Music Go Music - Expressions - Thousand Crazy Nights
Bombchan - Do Me Right - Poor Little Mattie #
Prairie Cat - It Began/Ended With Sparks - Just Cuz #
the Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Higher Than the Stars EP - Higher Than The Stars
Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - Girlfriend
Silk Flowers - s/t - Night Shades
Health - Get Color - Die Slow
Digits - Hold It Close - Sarah

# = Canadian

An outstanding opportunity will soon present itself.



Here is the entire uncut, NON Music version of our 'Star Trek Spectacular' Round Table, starrring CJSR's Jocelyn Saskiw from 'Adamant Eve' and News Director Samantha Power. We Discuss all things Star Trek, including the Newest Film, Janeway's Dog, Rod Stewart and Star Trek Cologne.

To Listen to, or to download this episode, click here!


Nov 17 2009 - Half Music. Half Chatter. Allll Nerd

On Today's show, we try something we've never done before: LAST HOUR, MOSTLY CHATTER! We celebrate the release of the Newerish Star Trek film on Blu Ray and DVD ( you know at some point we should get some $$ for all this pub) with a 'Star Trek Spectacular' Round Table Chat, with Special Guests, CJSR's Joceyln Saskiw and Samantha Power!

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

Crush Luther - Some People Have No Good to Give - A Light
Magilla Funk Conduit - New Set New Sound - Truth (feat Jesse Lipscome & Marlon Wilson)
Hot Kid - Someday Somehow - Halifax
Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini - Jungle Drum
the Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea - Teach Me Sweetheart
the Sandwitches - How to Make Ambient Sadcake - Fire
Tim Cohen - Take Aim Goliath
Tape Deck Mountain - In the Dirt
Systems Officer - Shape Shifter
Pavement - Westing (by Musket and Sextant) - Recorder Grot (Rally)
King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl - Invisible Girl
Screeching Weasel - Bark Like a Dog - Phasers on Kill
Cuff the Duke - Way Down Here - It's All A Blur
Devilsplender - Hometown Riot - My Cell
Language Arts - Where Were You In the Wild? - Where Were You In the Wild?
Still Life Still - Girls Come Too - Kid



Word from the CJSR mothership is that the computer that was being used
to backup up radio Shows has been replaced, so hopefully we an return
to normal podcasting! Stay tuned this week for more exciting technical
equipment action!




Hi Podcast listeners! I apologize for not having a podcast for you! It
seems as though there have been some technical issues of late, which
are kind of out of our control. I'm hopeful they can be resolved soon
so we can get back to delivering the best indie music and nerdy
chatter Edmonton!

Hopefully we'll get it all fixes! We apologize for the inconvenience!



We have a busy busy week here in Makin Whoopee town this week! FIRST,
Chad, TextBot and myself are finally taking the winner of our "lovely
evening with Chad and Colin" raffle ( the very lucky Susan) to pizza
and foolishness ! We should have some pics and maybe some audio for q
special podcast episode!

AND THEN, less than 12 hours later, a special STAR TREK SPECTACULAR as
we celebrate the release of the new trek film on blu Ray and DVD! Our
celebration will not be limited to just us though; we'll have special
guest commentary from CJSR news director and multiple show host
Samantha Power, and Adamant Eve host Joceyln Saskiw! 4 CJSR hosts
Geeking out on Star Trek for your enjoyment

Make It So!



Nov 10, 2009

the Lovely Feathers - Fantasy of the Lot - Long Walks
Cuff the Duke - Way Down Here - Promises
Dancehall Free For All - 9-5 Lives - Useless
Secret Broadcast - Exploding Spiders - Shatter
Dutchess/Duke - Sunset/Sunrise - Let It Die
Dana Wylie Band - The Unruly Ones - The Unruly Ones
Said the Whale - Islands Disappear - B.C. Orienteering
Secret Fires - Movies Are For Retards split 7" - Left of the Dial
the Secretaries - s/t - Lazy Lover
40 Thieves - s/t - Bangarang
the Big Pink - A Brief History of Love - Velvet
Atlas Sound - Logos - Shelia
Slow Club - Yeah So - Giving Up On Love
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - s/t - Come In Please
Sonny and the Sunsets - Tomorrow is Alright - Too Young to Burn
Dark Meat - The Faint Smell of Moss
Brilliant Colors - Absolutely Anything
Superchunk - Come Pick Me Up - Pink Clouds
Best Coast - So Gone

That long-sought opportunity will soon arise.


We have a Winner!

FIRST OFF, i DO know how we started talking aboot Batman having a T-Rex in the Batcave. We were talking on the show about Chad moving, and i asked him if he moved his giant penny, or his joker card, and then asked if he moved his robot t-rex, and Chad asked ' why does batman have a giant t-rex?'! MYSTERY SOLVED.

In anycase, we took all your theories and put them to a vote, and the 'The T-Rex is Batman's Uncle' will win a TextBot Trivia Postcard! Thanks to everyone for voting!



Makin Whoopee Poll - WTF is up with the TRex in the Batcave?

I don't know how we got on this today, but somehow a search for a TextBot Trivia question morphed into a Contest on who could come up with the biggest, Strangest, most creative Theory as to why Batman has a TRex in the Batcave! So Instead of picking a winner ourselves, we've decided to open it up to YOU! Pick which theory you like the best, and the winner will receive a TextBot Trivia Postcard!

You however, will receive a fabulous NOPRIZE, and than the satisfaction in knowing that someone may get a nifty Postcard (Signed by Chad and I!)

Dig the Poll above!


Nov 3, 2009 - So You Think You Can Lie Canada

To Download, or Listen to the Show Online, click here

Yellow Gold - the Mellower - So Cold
Big Sugar - Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready? - Butterball
Jake One feat Freeway - The Truth 12" - The Truth (clean)
Said the Whale - The Magician EP - The Magician (Camilo)
Cousins - Out on Town - Write Me a Song
Boogie Boarder - Pizza Hero - Sparks
Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes EP - Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk Remix)
the Blazing Violets - Violet Riot - Love Sorcerer
Great Bloomers - Speak of Trouble - Fever Days
Reverie Sounds Revue - s/t - We Are the Opposite of Thieves
Os Mutantes - Haih...ou Amortecedor - Baghdad Blues
the Raveonettes - In and Out of Control - Heart of Stone
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - Know Better Learn Faster - Cool Yourself
Still Life Still - Girls Come Too - Flowers and a Wreath
Wye Oak - The Knot - Take It In
Digits - Hold It Close - Saturation
Islands - Vapours - Disarming the Car Bomb
Karen O and the Kids - Where the Wild Things Are - All Is Love

1. Your expressiveness will bring new opportunities
2. You will be delighted by an unexpected gift.


Vancouver Report

Good Day Loyal Crew

Yes the rumours are true and YES i was in Vancouver last week, for what i've come to call a 'whirlwind trip'. A whirlwind trip is where you take a hyper condensed vacation, that is so short and jam packed that you don't realize its over until you are on your way home. 

I hadn't been to Vancouver since i was just a lad, and its quite the place! So i thought i'd share some of my thoughts and opinions on Van City.

First of all: Vancouver people don't sleep; as clearly shown by the amount of people walking around with coffee cups. There are coffee shops, EVERYWHERE! 2 per block, sometimes one on top of the other! Everyone had a coffee cup in their hand. One might think that even the pan handlers were asking for change with their outstretched coffee cups. FALSE! They just wanted some fresh columbian roast. 

Another neat thing about Vancouver is the fashion. When was the last time you wore rubber boots? Grade 2? Grade 3? Well let me tell ya, in Vancouver, Rubber boots are all the rage! Before heading out, every vancouverite grabs their umbrella, a cup of coffee (naturally) and their rubber boots. It was very interesting to see the very stylish and well dressed citizens of downtown vancouver with their posh jackets, stylish suits and Goodyear Rubber boots, sloshing around Robson street.

Now we all know that Vancouver doesn't get the same winter we do on the prairies, but to my understanding it does get a little cold. Many trees were showing fall colours, with PILES of maple leaves on the ground ( Side Note: Why don't we have Maple Trees in Edmonton? I feel so Non Canadian!).  So you can imagine my confusion when we saw people planting flowers! Ummm..Aren't your plants dying? Won't the flowers wilt, or worse yet, Drown? 

Maybe Vancoverites hate all non coffee producing plants. 



Oct 27, 2009 - Pre Hallow's Eve!

Today Colin was away on business....ROCK BUSINESS. He's in Vancouver seeing little known indie act "you too" or something...I don't know, I'd never heard of them either. So for a co-host I brought our good friend Bohdan in! We played a set of pre-Hallowe'en tunes about ghosts, our pal Satan and his evil soft rock powers, and of course, cold blooded murder! We also try in vain to get costume ideas from our apathetic (or terrified) listeners, talk about the Ghost Busters (not the ones you're thinking of), and time travel! Zounds!

Hope you like it, ghoulies!

To Listen to, or download the show, click here


David Bowie - Scary Monsters - Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
A Place to Bury Strangers - Exploding Hearts - In Your Heart
the Dirtbombs - Billiards At Nine-Thirty - Born In a Haunted Barn
Beck - Stereopathetic Soulmanure - Satan Gave Me a Taco
Ryan Dahle - Irrational Anthems - Eek, It's Hallowe'en
Daniel Johnston - Continued Story - Casper
the Action - Shadows & Reflections
Driving Stupid - Horror Asparagus Stories
Orange Wedge - From the Tomb to the Womb
Satan & the D-Men - She'll Lie
Eagle Boston - Satan Highway
Mexican Institute of Sound - Pinata - Devil Mental
Pixies - Complete B-Sides - Evil Hearted You
Groovie Ghoulies - Go! Stories - (She's My) Vampire Girl
M83 - Saturdays = Youth - Graveyard Girl
Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit - Sukie in the Graveyard
Macabre - Gathering of the Tribe
Blitzen Trapper - Furr - Black River Killer
Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane - Molten Light
Lou Reed - New York - Halloween Parade

The smart thing to do is to start trusting your intuition.



The Best of Textbot: Volume 1

We get lots of Great messages here on the show: MANY of which don't have anything to do with what we are talking about on Air! SO I thought it would be fun if i posted some of the best messages TextBot has received, in a completely random and dissordly fashioned! Hence forth, Makin Whoopee Presents: The Best of TextBot: Volume 1

"Long Enough"
"Rareth and Saturb"
"Lettuce Sandwhiches are Very Popular in Japan"
"F*ck You"
"And No One is still going on about where he was born! You made that up you Tabloid! You are Yellow Journalism!"
"Sweet! Thanks"
"Play Some Good Music"
"4 Billion Dollars was a Steal. Play TMNT Mask by Chad Van Galen Please"
"Cash Register"
" I Once saw a dude jogging whilst smoking. He was also wearing chuck taylors, knee socks and short shorts. F*cking Hipsters"
"Chewing Gum. Second Guess is cash register. They had to Sell the Gum!"
" Hi "
"Does Kevin Du play for the China Sharks?"
" I believe 'zounds' is pronounced 'zoonds' as in a shortened form of 'Gods Wounds'"
"I'm listening too"
"F*ck You!!"



The Static Podcast?

Good day listeners! Just a quick update on the podcast: it appears
that the files saved kinda wonky, because half the mp3s are Static! So
I will swing by CJSR HQ to tomorrow to see if I can get new backups,
and the hopefully I'll have the podcast up this weekend!

ALSO Im trying a blog thru email thing right now! Viva the Internet!




Bowerbirds - Upper Air - Teeth
Owl Farm - Don't Stop - 7 Hounds
Big Sugar - Big Sugar - Come Back Baby
Lightning Dust - Intimate Light - Antonia Jane
Yellow Gold - The Mellower - And It Tried
Doug Hoyer - Bust Busy Busy EP - Meet Me At The Abandoned Hospital
Great Bloomers - Speak of Trouble - Young Ones Slept
Desert Boots - Best Rock Record - Pretty Lil Girl
Daniel Johnston - Rejected Unknown - Davinare
A.C. Newman - The Slow Wonder - Come Crash
Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes - Sailin' Shoes
Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's Block - Up Against the Wall
Os Mutantes - Haih...or Amortecedor - Querida Querida
the Secretaries - s/t - Accident
Choir of Young Believers - This Is For the White In Your Eyes - Action/Reaction
Eels - Hombre Lobo - Fresh Blood
Best Coast - So Gone
You Say Party! We Say Die! - XXXX - Dark Days

George W. Bush's Tuesday Morning Fortune
Yer sense of humor will be key to yer success.


Could the China Dragon Lose the Entire Season??

We're are 1/3 into the Asia League Hockey Season, and EVERYONE is wondering the same thing:

Is it possible that the China Dragon, formerly the China Sharks, Lose ALL of their 32 Regular Season Games?

The Dragon are certainly on their way. After 11 games, they have yet to register a single point, with 11 regulation losses. While their Defence isnt the worst in the league ( 51 goals, 1 fewer than High1's League worst 1), the offence is appallingly bad. The toothless, Fireless, Dragon, have scored just 16 goals this season. Hard to put many points in the standings when you are averaging only 1.45 goals a game.

The immediate future doesn't look to get any easier for the Dragon. They face the under- performing Anyang Halla in their next series, and one has to think Halla is going to attempt to take full advantage to turn their season around. However, if the Dragon can eek out a victory, or dare we say, a regular season point, against last years Regular Season champion, it could go along way in saving their season.



October 13, 2009 - MULRONEY COMBAT

On Todays Show, THE THEME MUSIC IS DOWN, so we have to make do with humming it ourselves or playing Star Trek Music! We also get an Intern Named Derek, who brings us TimBits and provides us with some very good 'Deadliest Prime Minister' Information. We also ponder the possibility of the China Dragon going winless for the WHOLE of the Asian Hockey League Season.

To Listen to, or to Download the show, click here



October 6, 2009 - Season 4 Premier!!

On Todays Show, Chad and Colin thank everyone who helped make their FunDrive show a big big success, and try to readjust to being at the station without dozens of people, and waffles and balloons ( actually the balloons were still there! ). They talk Musical Covers that Stephan Harper should do, Launch the 'Deadliest Prime Minister segment', and then try to figure out how its possible they were invited to read to Grade 7's at Crestwood Junior High, for a Literacy campaign.

To listen to the show, or to download it, click here

Dust Poets - World at Large - Opening Day
Little Foot Long Foot - Harsh Words - Stripper's Song
the Hoa Hoas - Sonic Bloom - Yellow Jacket
Sunparlour Players - Wave North - Battle of Ti
Nuke the Soup - Make Wave Not War - Ocean
Madcowboys - s/t - Into the Black
Reigning Sound - Love and Curses - Call Me
Falklands - Spring Break! EP - Lonely Soul
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers - s/t - Nurse
Stephen Harper (feat Yo Yo Ma) - With a Little Help From My Friends
Cousins - Out on Town - Around Their Waists
Islands - Vapours - Vapours
Monsters of Folk - s/t - Say Please
Lightning Dust - Infinite Light - I Know
Rain Machine - s/t - New Last Name
Amy Millan - Masters of the Burial - Bruised Ghosts
the Gertrudes - Hard Water - Seymour
Eamon McGrath - Saint Sebastian - Cry Until Your Eyes Are Dry
Vivian Girls - Everything Goes Wrong - Double Vision

You shall know good fortune in the very near future.


Incoming! I mean...Up Coming!!!

Hello Friends! Quick update from Makin Whoopee HQ! 

 - I grabbed the wrong files for last week's fundrive podcast! I'll grab those and the new files for tomorrows show! Re live the excitement of this years Fundrive show ( full details will be posted with the podcast episode )

- First two Matches of Deadliest Prime Minister tomorrow! WEEE

- In a bizarre surprise, Chad and I have been asked read to Grade 7 Kids at Crestwood Junior High in Edmonton for their Campaign for Literacy! Apparently they get us, AND the Mayor! The Mayor is in good company

More stuff to come! Stay Tuned!


September 29, 2009 - FUNDRIVE 2009

Wow, I don't know what to say but thanks.

Thanks to all of our wonderful listeners who dialed in and donated for this year's FunDrive. Colin and I were simply astounded at the response we got this year! Thanks to you, we managed to pull in a whopping $3000 for CJSR! That is unbelievable, and we are so grateful to have such great listeners who want to keep community radio on the air in Edmonton.

To listen the show on your browser, or to download it, click here

As for the playlist...well, I was pretty excited and kind of neglected to write everything down...So here is what I have to the best of my memory:

The Kinks - Lola vs Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part 1 - The Contenders
Elvis Presley - It's Now or Never b/w Make Me Know It -It's Now or Never
Atlas Sound - Logos - Walkabout (feat. Panda Bear)
White Mystery Signals - Power Glove
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - s/t - Home
Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Stax 50th Anniversary - Tramp
David Bowie - Don't Be Fooled By the Name - Good Morning Girl
Spiral Stairs - the Real Feel - Maltese T
Small Black - s/t - Despicable Dogs
Nancy Sinatra - Tonight You Belong To Me
Best Coast - Something In the Way
the Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers - Sway
Lynda Lyndell - Stax 50th Anniversary - What a Man
the Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea - Benton Harbor Blues
Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe and Reduxe - Kentucky Cocktail
Christian Hansen & the Autistics - Power Leopard - You Me Him and Us

I sincerely feel this was the best show we've ever done, and I hope you feel the same. Thanks, my friends, and let's hope to do it all again next year!



National Arts Gala. Whos Who of the Artsy folks in this country. Yo Yo Ma. Surprise Musical Guest is.....Prime Minister Stephan Harper...wait...whats he doing that piano...wait...whats he doing with that microphone? O...Oh...Oh My.....WHUT THE F



For weeks, nay, MONTHS, we've been barking about our new segment, 'Deadliest Prime Minister'. Well during the september 15th show we actually did the first round draw LIVE on the CJSR Airwaves and met with some suprising, and dare we say, wicked, matchups.

Now before i post the First Round draw, we should perhaps explain, what exactly is going to happen with 'Deadliest Prime Minister' and what the rules are.

1. 'Deadliest Prime Minister' is a computer simulated battle featuring all 22 Canadian Prime Ministers, who will square off in a single elimination tournament..TO THE DEATH!

2. The 'Makin Whoopee Prime Minister Simutron 9000' has been programed with variables and abilities, of each prime minister, and will simulate an individual battle, at least 1 bajillion times, in order to ensure more accurate results.

3. We will Simulate 2 matches per week, until finally we reach the Finals, sometime in Spring 2010.

Now then, here are your first round matchups:

1. Sir Mackenzie Bowell vs Stephan Harper
2. Sir John Thompson vs Brian Mulroney
3. Sir Charles Tupper vs Paul Martin
4. Louis St. Laurent vs Joe Clark
5. John Turner vs Jean Chretien
6. Sir Wilfred Laurier vs Kim Campbell
7. Lester B. Pearson vs William Lyon Mackenzie King
8. Arthur Meighn vs Alexander Mackenzie
9. Sir John A. Macdonald vs Richard Bennett
10. Sir Robert Borden vs Pierre Trudeau
11. Sir John Abbot vs John Deifenbaker

Round One begins October 5th!


FunDrive is GO

Well Friends its that time of year again; the ONE and only time we here ask you the fans for a little bit of love! YES Its CJSR's Annual 'FunDrive' and being a campus based, community radio station, we very much depend on the support of every day folks like you! So if you enjoy our show, or other CJSR shows, then please head on over to CJSR.COM and make a donation!

OR if you want to wait till our show is live, you can donate then!

More 'Makin Whoopee FunDrive Spectacular' Details to come!



Sept 22, 2009 - Deadliest Prime Mininster DRAW

On Todays show, we FINALLY draw the first round matchups for 'Deadliest Prime Minister', which i will put in another post! Lots of good matchups! We also start preppin for the annual CJSR FunDrive show!

To Listen to, or download the show, click here

Kevin Hearn and Thinbuckle - Havana Winter - On the Runway
Kestrels - Primary Colours - Our Velocity
the Lovely Feathers - Fantasy of the Lot - Fad
Desert Boots - s/t - Baby Jesus
Caledonia - We Are America - The Plague
the Hoa Hoas - Sonic Bloom - Lazy High
Alka - A Dog Lost In the Woods - When You Abandon Your Youth
Boo Hoo - Don't Die - Lonely Days Inn of Violence
the Bownesians - s/t - He's From Bowness (She's From Montgomery)
Tamas Somlo & Omega - Well Hung: Funk Rock Explosions from Under Communist Hungary - Azt Mondta Az Anyukám
Hot Kid - Someday Somehow - Halifax
John Mikl Thor - Sign of the V - Pump Energy Man
the Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns - The Dethbridge in Lethbridge
Meisha & the Spanks - Mmmade for me - Drop the Anchor
the Color Turning - Good Hands Bad Blood - Where the Sky Ends
Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - 1901
the Minus 5 - Killingsworth - It Won't Do You Any Good
Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
the Most Serene Republic - ...and the Ever Expanding Universe - No One Likes a Nihilist
Preak Faeans - Wintering Out - the Landrail
Still Life Still - Girls Come Too - Neon Blue

Romantic interests will improve if you make the next move.


Mythbuster Host BOOTS Makin' Whoopee Host? CONFIRMED

Stupid Famous TV Stars. Think they're so big.

So This friday, I was supposed to appear on CJSR's 'Skeptically Speaking', which is the worlds ONLY Skeptical Call in Talk Show. Now I'm not a Skeptic Per say, but I DO LIKE SPORTS (asianhockeyleagueasianhockeyleague) so i was going to talk about Sports Superstitions, and make all the skeptic nerds roll their eyes about that sort of thing.

And then I get a Voicemail from Skeptically Speaking Host, Desiree.

" I may have to bump you, because I might be getting Adam Savage on the show'.

For those who aren't aware who Adam Savage is, You should know that YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. Adam is one of the hosts of 'Mythbusters', aka, the greatest television production in history.

For a person of that stature to be on CJSR is a pretty big deal, so naturally, I'm whiney about getting bumped. Just between you and Me, I think Desiree was worried i'd tarnish her show's good name and alienate her audience (Agreed), so she had to run out and get one of the coolest dudes on the planet to save her show. Scoff.

You can check out 'Skeptically Speaking' LIVE at 6pm Friday on CJSR, or listen to the podcast at www.skepticallyspeaking.com


Asian Hockey Starts THIS SATURDAY

Yes Friends, the Asian Hockey League is BACK, and once again, 'Makin Whoopee' is YOUR Home for Asian Hockey League News, Views, and Shoes! I'm hopin to cover the League like NEVER before.

The Season start this Saturday September 19th, with not ONE, not Two, but THREE GAMES! Korean Rivals Anyhang Halla and High1 Start things off at 3pm local time ( or Midnight Edmonton Time!). Then, at 4pm local time ( or 1am Edmonton Time) The Oji Eagles take on the Nikko Icebucks, and YOUR Defending Champion Nippon Paper Cranes take on the Expansion Tohuko Free Blades! Woop Woop!


Sept 15, 2009 - No Smoking ( Or Running )

On Todays Show, BOTH Hosts are in the house, as preparations are made for the Return of the Asian Ice Hockey League, and a brand new segment; Deadliest Prime Minister! A Discussion about bike safety turns into a discussion about Smoking whilst exercising, and NO one knows when Rubber Bands were patented.

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

Falklands - Spring Break EP - Sleep For Days
Big Star - September Gurls
Said the Whale - The Magician EP - Love is Art/Sleep Through Fire
Daniel Johnston - 1990 - Some Things Last a Long Time
My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything - I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)
Japandroids - Post-Nothing - The Boys Are Leaving Town
We All Want To - s/t - I've Been Listening to You For Too Long
Laurie Anderson - Born, Never Asked
Boo Hoo - Don't Die - Married to the World
Glasser - Apply
the Octopus Project - Hello Avalanche - Snow Tip Cap Mountain
Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost - I Slept With Bonhomme at the CBC
Black Mold - Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz - Toxic Lake
The Bummers - BBQ - Physics for Poets
Gold Rush - #1 - Thought You Cared
Extra Happy Ghost! - How the Beach Boys Sounds to Those with No Feelings - Hot Time Sartre In the City
Boogie Boarder - Pizza Hero - Little Giants
Sonic Youth - The Eternal - Sacred Trickster
Math the Band - Don't Worry - It's Gonna Be Awesome
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass - Digging for Clams


You will obtain your goal if your maintain your course.


September 8th 2009 - Punch Junk Love

On Today's show, Colin is all by his lonesome! Chad is away, and TextBot is havin a nap ( aka, ran out of better power), so Colin soldiers on! He talks long weekend, Asian ice hockey league, and gives DIRE WARNINGS to any of Canada's political Parties who trigger yet ANOTHER Federal Election. Grumble.

To listen to, or download the show, click here

Dana Wylie Band - Unruly Ones - Hometown Boy
Souljah Fyah - Artist Exclusive - Tears of a Fool
Old Crow Medicine Show - OCMS - Wagon Wheel
Bruce Cockburn - Live at the World Cafe - Wonder Where The Lions Are
Bahamas - Pink STAT - Already Yours
Big Sugar - Brothers and Sisters are you ready? - So Not Over
Magilla Funk Project - New Set Sound - That Funk (ft. Cadence Weapon)
Jennifer LFO - Songs from the Alien Beacon - Palm Trees
Los Straightjackets - Further Adventures of Los Straightjackets - Teen Beast
Litterbug - Zero Hour - Chupito Loves Zoila
Devilsplender - Hometown Riot - Wave of Joy
Got to Get Got - Sahalee - Rattle Off
The Danks - Are you afraid of the Danks? - Shifty
Pale Air Singers - s/t - Convict Escapes
Scatterheart - Masterplan - Beautiful
So Many Dynamos - Loud Wars - Artifact
Type Monkey Type - s/t - Rocky Hill
Wilfred & The Grown Men - Stop Go Romeo - Don't Worry (It's a beautiful world)


Podcast Issues - Dangblastit

Hello Internet Listener - I'm having some issues uploading this week's podcast onto my online storage space; i even woke up extra early to give it a try during slow internet hours ( No one plays poker or looks at naughty things at 630am, so the internet is super fast). Looks like its still having a problem, and i've logged a support ticket with my file hosting service. Unfortunately i'll be in the woods all weekend, so i won't be able to try to upload it again until i get back! So you guys have a great weekend, and it will be a double podcast week next week!

Thanks for your patience!



Sept 1, 2009 - Back 2 Skool with Spider-Ham!!

On Todays show, we welcome all the kiddies back go school and geek out BIG TIME over Marvel being purchased by Mickey Mouse. Good Grief! However, we pitch the idea to Disney of bringing back "Spider-Ham" and for them to make MANY MANY films!

We also FINALLY rip the Lid off "Deadliest Prime Mininster" More details to come on the blog this week!

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

Big Sugar - Big Sugar - Come Back Baby
Dana Wylie Band - Almost There... - Even In Saskatchewan
Joel Plaskett - Three - Through & Through & Through
Petunia & the Loons - s/t - Cold Heart Breaker
Shad - Old Prince - Old Prince Still Lives At Home
Travis - Ode to J. Smith - Last Words
Woodhands - Live Session - I Can't See Straight
the Gruesomes - HEY! - Out of Our Tree
Chad Van Gaalen - Soft Airplane - TMNT Mask
Extra Happy Ghost! - How the Beach Boys Sound to Those With No Feelings - Neither Being Nor Nothingness
Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band - the Hobo Girl
Gold Rush - #1 - Electric Lettuce
Cass McCombs - Catacombs - Dreams-Come-True-Girl (feat Karen Black)
Regina Spektor - Far - Folding Chair
Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms - Man Like You
Metro - Well Hung: Funk-Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hungary - A pénz
Ty Segall - Lemons - Standing at the Station
the Famines - The First World War
Ween - The Mollusk - Ocean Man

Your search for knowledge will lead you to high places.


Deadliest Prime Minister: Trailer 2

Yes Friends, We're doing this! Details coming this tuesday 7am - 9am on CJSR 88.5fm or http://www.cjsr.com

Paper Crane Leaves a Comment on our Blog! DUDE!!!

So the other day, i do what i normally do every morning; Wake up, Jog 35 miles, wrassle a bear, and then come home, have breakfast and check my email, when i notice that someone has left a comment on ye' ol blog. Now we get the odd comment, nothing to crazy, but this one was a weeee different.

I think Chad put it best: "Dude.DUDE!!"

"Hello from the land of the rising sun, where little black haired people with slanted eyes eat fish heads and walk really fast. I just found your website, wish I found it last year!! I think you site is great, funny, and very contagious! Keep up the good work!! By the way, this is Yule75 from the Cranes, looking to repeat and destroy anyone that comes in our way! I will personally put my SIGNED hockey card and sweaty socks up for the winner of this years Asian Hockey Pool! Cheers Yuley

NOW this would appear to be a comment from Defending Asian Ice Hockey League Champion Nippon Paper Cranes forward Chris Yule, WHO if you remember, scored a Hat Trick against the Seibu Prince Rabbits in Game 1 of the Asian Hockey League Finals last season. Is it authentic? I believe so! Why??

a) I've seen Chris comment on the Jhockey Blog, where i get alot of Asian Hockey Info ( Simon, who runs the blog does a great job ).
b) Hockey is the only sport where every player gets a 'Y' on the end of his name, which becomes his hockey nickname. Hence 'Yule' becomes 'Yuley'. (FACT: Wayne Gretzky's actual legal name, is Wayne Gretzk)

So We're pretty excited by this! Chris, if you read this, thanks a bunch for your kind words, and We'd love to hear from you again! Send us an email at makinwhoopee[at]cjsr.com

More Asian Hockey News coming soon!



Tuesday Morning WORKFAIL

For those who aren't aware, this lovely radio show Chad and I do is very much volunteer: YUP we get paid ZERO Dollars for making Tuesday Mornings awesome. Chad usually has the day off, but i go into work late tuesdays, and occasionally, if we are super swamped, i am forced to bypass the radio show and concentrate on the ol paycheque.

Well this week we had a big project roll thru, so i texted Chad to let him know i couldn't come. The client was supposed to phone us at 630am tuesday, and we'd rush into finishing the job! 

Problem was..client didn't phone at 630...or 730...or 830...client phoned at 3:00pm! Argh!

Anyhoo, Im headin to the CJSR Mothership today and i'll grab the show and post it up in the next few days!



Aug 25, 2009 - Doom Flies Solo

On Todays show, CHAD is all by his lonesome, after Colin abandons him because he has a special project to do at work, which it turns out, he didn't really need to go for. So he missed the show for nothing. FAIL! You can email your lectures about missing shows to makinwhoopee[a]cjsr.com

To download or listen to the show, click here

Math the Band - Don't Worry - Introducing, the Magic Eye
Doug Hoyer - Busy Busy Busy EP - Liar Song
the Lovely Feathers - Fantasy of the Lot - Long Walks
Dan Magnan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice - Robots
Nirblu - Sleepyhead - Something Wrong
the Most Serene Republic - ...And the Ever Expanding Universe - Heavens to Purgatory
Björk - Songs from the Volta Tour - Preformed Live at Olympic Plaza - Wanderlust
Black Mold - Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz - Memes
Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes EP - Summertime Clothes
Omega Redstar - Well Hung: Funk-Rock Eruptions from Beneath Communist Hungary - Egy Lány Nem Ment Haza
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave! - Slush Puppy Love
Meisha & the Spanks - Mmmade for me - Baby You're Gone
Japandroids - Post-Nothing - Heart Sweats
PJ Harvey & John Parish - A Woman A Man Walked By - Leaving California
the Phenominal Handclap Band - s/t - You'll Disappear
Wye Oak - The Knot - Tattoo
Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer - Idiot Heart
Parachute Penguin - All Through the Panic - One of Them
the Juan Maclean - The Future Will Come - Accusations
Yacht - See Mystery Lights - The Afterlife
SSRIs - Teems EP - CPDEP

Smiling often can make you look and feel younger.


August 18, 2009 - The Archie Episode

On Todays show, a Textbot Trivia Question about Jughead leads us into a 2 HOUR DISCUSSION About Archie. Yes. Archie. We discuss, Archie v Punisher, a caller thinks Betty is a Stalker, and we pitch 'Worlds Largest Taco in a Bag' to the City of Spruce Grove Alberta

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

the Sneetches - Sometimews That's All We Have - Another Shitty Day
Lucid 44 - Body Harm Sounds - Empty Room
Andrew Perri - The Candid Truth - Reinvent Love
Peggy Sue - The Lover Gone EP - Revision
Dress Up Like a Hooker, I'll Be Charlie Sheen - Hi-Five for Lo-Fi - Lovely Day (feat Pieter the Rooster)
Japandroids - Post-Nothing - Rockers East Vancouver
The CFL Sessions - "E" is for Endzone
King Khan & the Shrines - What Is?! - Le Fils de Jacques Dutrone
the Kremlin - Red Menace - Have You Ever Made Love to a Communist?
Clues - s/t - Perfect Fit
Dinosaur Jr. - Farm - Imagination Blind
Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness - Xerses
the Skeletones Four - AAAAAHHH!!! - Let it Snow
Portugal. The Man. - The Satanic Satanist - Work All Day
Nathanuel Sutton - Starlite - Fragile
Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans - Pleasure Race
Son Volt - American Central Dust - Cocaine and Ashes
Black Mold - Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz - Metal Spider Webs
Portland Cello Project - the Thao & Justin Power Sessions - Por Una Cabeza
Silly Kissers - Halloween Summer - Easy Fantasy

Give it time and it will work out.


People Diggin "Between Toesha and Bolek"

Just took a quick peak of the internets to see how Bo's play' Between Toesha and Bolek' is being received. On the Edmonton Fringe Website, they have a spot where people can leave wee little reviews, and so far, "BTB" has an average rating of 4.07 Stars out of 5! WOW!

You can read What the masses have to say here:




TESTin out the ol Blog Widget....

LETS see if this works!

I downloaded this weird Blogger widget, so i can easily write wee little blogs early in the morning...because, you know, posting the normal way is just FAAAR to easy.

Plus as an added benefit, i can look at my Environment Canada Radar Widget while i write! WEEE! There is ALWAYS Cloud cover in Rocky Mountain House Alberta. Poor Fools!

Podcast is being saved as we speak! It will be in your itunes or other podcast dealies fresh for you in the morning!



August 11, 2009 - 2nd Annual Edm Fringe Whooptacular

Special Guest Bo is on today to talk about his brand new Fringe show, Between Tosha and Bolek!

You should check it out at this year's Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

It's playing in the Fringe Cabaret Lounge, with sweet air conditioning! Yes!

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

the Action - Nuggets II - I'll Keep On Holding On
Anna Waronker - Anna - John & Maria
Beck - Stereopathetic Soulmanure - Rowboat
Floyd Dakel Combo - Pebbles - Dance Franny Dance
the Kinks - Nothing In the World Can Stop Me Worrying About That Girl
Yo La Tengo - Periodically Double or Triple
Andrew WK - A Wild Pear - Oh Canaduh
Meisha & the SPanks - Mmmade For Me - You Just Wanna Love Me
The Love x Nowhere - High Score Blackout - Din
Said the Whale - the Magician EP - Strong Swimmers
Silly Kissers - Halloween Summer - Halloween Summer
Lyuk - Tourist Zone - White Bear
Dream West - Divchata Roblyat Rok N Rol
Puberty - First Slime - Put Yr Face
Wye Oak - The Knot - Siamese
Boogie Boarder - Pizza Hero - Bummers Begin
Kestrels - Primary Colours - Our Velocity

An appeal for some assistance may catch you off your guard.


August 4th, 2009 - Straws Bad, Syrup Good

On todays, show a weee crazy on the Rants. Chad voices his displeasure at the drinking practices of today's young adults, whilst Colin wonders why no one sells Maple Syrup in a ketchup like packet. We also discuss our Seal Heart Eating Governor General, and wish President Obama a happy birthday, seeing as how we got him elected.

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

Liza Kate - Don't Let the Dogs - He's a Machine
Animal Names - Oh Yes You Better Do - Rolling Paper Airplanes
the Novaks - Things Fall Apart - Billy the Kid
Asobi Seksu - Citrus - Strawberries
the Duncan Brothers - Panama! 2 - Dreams
Pavement - Terror Twilight - Spit on a Stranger
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound - When Sweet Sleep Returned - Two Stage Rocket
the Blazing Violets - Violet Riot - Skirt & Roll
Corey Isenor - Young Squire - Oh No!
Built By Snow - Mega - Something in 3D
Melissa Bathory - Hands - Hands
Rubies - Explode from the Center - I Feel Electric
the Gruesomes - Hey! - Thanks for Nothing
the Legends - Over and Over - Seconds Away
Japandroids - Post-Nothing - Crazy/Forever
Little Girls - Tambourine EP - Last Call
Nirblu - Sleepyhead - the Best Thing in the World
Sonic Youth - Battery Park, NYC - July 4, 2008 - Bull in the Heather
Sean Savage - Sunshine Melodies - Childhood
Tiny Masters of Today - Skeletons - Real Good
Suckers - s/t - Afterthoughts & TV
Still Life Still - Pastel EP - Pastel


Being the first to try something new could be great!


Insert Jeopardy Theme Here....

Good Day Blog Readers and Online Listeners

My apologies that you have not yet been able to hear this weeks show! I've had some wierd issues with the mp3's i grab from CJSR, so i had to go back to the station and re download them. That coupled with an abnormally busy weeknight schedule have prevented me being able to upload the show! In anycase, bear with me a day or two more and i'll have it up saturday morning!

I apologize for the delay! We Love ya!



July 28th 2009 - Dana Wylie Band Day

On Todays show, we discussed how long a T-Rex's arms were, or..as one texter put it how 'SHORT' they were, then we CRAMMED the CJSR Studio full of Live musical goodness! We had the Dana Wylie Band, With Dana, her co vocalist and harmonica player Jez, Nye on the Bass and Matt rounding out the vocals and accoustic guitar! HOLY SMOKES! They were great and not only that, they drove in from the West Coast mere hours earlier to be on the show. Now thats what i call dedication!

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

For more info on Dana Wylie Band, go to www.danawylie.net

Reverie Sound Revue - s/t - Pretty One Play
Parachute Penguin - Al Thru the Panick - Things I Should've Known
the Eardrums - Eardrops - Idiot Convention
Said the Whale - The Magician EP - The Magician (Camilo)
Wildlife - EP - Little Darling
Animal Names - Oh Yes You Better Do - Rolling Paper Airplane
Copilots - Escape Through the Trees - Husk
Eels - Hombre Lobo - Prizefighter
Forgetful Florence - s/t EP - Look
Caledonia - We Are America - Restless Year
Dog Day - Concentration - Wait It Out
Joel Plaskett - Three - You Let Me Down
Iron & Wine - Around the Well - Morning
Dana Wylie Band - LIVE - Gone For Good
Icarus Himself - Coffins - Coffins
Papermoon - Only During Thunderstorms - People Were Talking But Now They Are Forgetting
Elizabeth & the Catapult - Taller Children - Race You
Zeus - Sounds Like Zeus - I Know
Dana Wylie Band - LIVE - The Unruly Ones
Casper & the Cookies - Modern Silence - Moldy Flower
Dinosaur jr. - Farm - Pieces
Dana Wylie Band - LIVE - Maybe That's What Love Is
Dana Wylie Band - LIVE - We Know the Secret



So I took a trip to Okotoks Alberta this weekend to visit my Friends Dave and Dawn! I hadn't seen them in a couple years, since they scampered off from the friendly confines of Edmonton to teach English as a Second Language in South Korea! ANYHOO It was great to see them, Okotoks is very lovely, and dudes i got SPOILED! BBQ Chicken? Delicious! Homemade Brownies? Touchdown, and not only that, Dave and Dawn actually WATCHED AN ASIAN HOCKEY LEAGUE GAME while they were in South Korea, and got a TON OF FREE STUFF! They gave me an Anyang Halla Mousepad, and some Brochures to give away, and let me touch...ALBEIT CAREFULLY, this GORGEOUS Anyang Halla Media Guide! Dawn said she'd help me contact Anyang Halla to get more free stuff too!

We'll be giving away one of the brochures on TextBot Trivia Tomorrow ( july 28th)! That and Dana Wylie on the Show is going to be ONE OF THE MOST INTENSE EPISODES EVER! Listen Live 7am to 9am mountain on WWW.CJSR.COM or On Demand RIGHT HERE



What if everything you've ever wanted.....

Seeing as how we've been talking about Energy Drinks, i figured its appropriate to post THE KING OF ENERGY DRINKS. Hadn't seen this in a while, so thanks to Olga for sending linking to it!



July 21, 2009 - Snickers, Horses & SOCAN!

On todays show, its SOCAN week! Which means we play WAY more Canadian Music, and have to fill out double the paper work! Textbot tempts us all with Snickers, and they boys discuss making their own energy drink.

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

Litterbug - Zero Hour - Chupito Loves Zoila
Mother Mother - O My ♥ - Body of Years
Devilsplender - Hometown Riot - My Cell
the Most Serene Republic - ...and the Ever Expanding Universe - Bubble Reputation
Jeanphilip - Les Mouches Dégèlent - Je te Cognerai à ta Porte
the Hoa Hoa's - Sonic Bloom - Yellow Jacket
the Secretaries - s/t EP - Highway to My Heart
Myxlodian - the "K" EP - Clara & the Pixies
JP Hoe - the Dear John Letters - Last Good Thing
Women - s/t - Lawncare
the Evaporators - A Wild Pear 7" - The Bomb's In My Pants!
the Gruesomes - HEY! - It's All In Your Mind
Dana Wylie Band - Almost There... - Even In Saskatchewan
Bishop Allen - Grrr... - The Lion & the Teacup
SSRIs - Teems EP - Parade
the Got to Get Got - Sahalee - Rare Rain
Kara Keith - Visions Fugitives - Heart Beat
Eric Miller - Dr Jekyll & Mr Wryly - Days That Are Smiles
Richard Laviolette & the Hollow Hooves - Aging Recycling Plant - General J. Amherst
Black Mold - Sled Island 2009 - Uke Puke
Torngat - La Petite Nicole - Afternoon Moon Pie

Your wisdom shall bring you much respect... in later years.


Dana Wylie Band on CJSR

Well our show with Lyra Brown went so well, we're gonna try this ' Con a Musical Guest to come onto the show' thing again. Luckily for us: We've snagged The Dana Wylie Band ( or it could just be 'Dana Wylie Band'. Thats a question we'll ask) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THEIR TOUR YET! They've been jumpin all over Western Canada on Tour this summer, but they will brave the early morning to come perform FOR YOU!

Now not only is Dana an incredible Singer / Songwriter / Musician, and not only are her Bandmates Jeremy and Nye Awesome musicians as well, but DANA and myself, are from the same small town in Saskatchewan. Yes I am alerting their local newspaper, and yes i do expect a parade to be held in our honour ( though mostly her honour).

Dana and her band will be on the July 28th Show at 8:06am ( Mountain time) They'll play some songs, tell us some stories about whats it like to tour in Alberta, England and...Thailand? And we'll have some good folky fun!You can listen live on 88.5fm in Edmonton or stream live on www.cjsr.com! OR if you have the shoutCAST app for iphone, you can find CJSR on that too!

Check out Dana Wylie Band ( or is it THE Dana Wylie Band? ) Here and their myspace page here

See ya then!



July 14th, 2009 - Lyra Brown Day

On Today's show, not much happened. Txtbot switched to Fast Food from Star Wars Trivia, Colin was disgusted by the food Chad consumed at the Calgary Stampede.....PSYCH! This show was awesome! Lyra Brown came and spent a full 54 minutes with us! She chatted with us and played Live in the CJSR Studio! *WARNING* Prepare to have your hearts melted by her outstanding musical talent.

To Listen to or to download the show, click your mighty mouse here

Pavement - Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition - Agony of the Stars
the Super Friendz - Sticktoitiveness - 10 Lbs.
Dinosaur jr. - Farm - Over It
Amelia Earhart - s/t - Achiever
Bayonets!!! - s/t - Track 5
Miesha & the Spanks - s/t - Bedroom Back
the Get Down - Dirty Power - Lester Bangs
the James T. Kirks - Theme from the Twilight Living Room 7" - ...Deadwood
Archivist - Learning to Live On Poison - Sunday Morning
Grizzly Bear - Live on KCRW - He Hit Me
Little Girls - Tambourine EP - Youth Tunes
the Famines - 14 July, 2008 - Got Lies If You Want Them
Them - Gloria's Dream
the Smoke - Don't Lead Me On
Lyra Brown - LIVE - Polly
Matt Perri - Let's - Castle Downs
Reverie Sound Revue - s/t - You Don't Exist If I Don't See You
Jennifer LFO - Songs from the Alien Beacon - Two Stars
Lyra Brown - LIVE - Appleseed Syndrome
Metric - Fantasies - Collect Call
Ride - Nowhere - Taste
Lyra Brown - LIVE - Pretty Baby

A Very Important Personal Discussion Will Take Place Today.


Stephan Harper is Wolverine. Ummm....Huh!?!?

I have to give mad props to Co-Host Chad, who sends me an email, subject line "wtf"

In it is a link to a news item, from the Canadian Press, in which, the writer of the article, compares Prime Minister Stephan Harper, to...um...Wolverine.

Seriously? Wolverine?

This is so ridiculous on so many levels, not the least of which is the level that clearly states that EVERYONE KNOWS Stephan Harper's pop culture comparable, is in fact, The T-800 Terminator robot.

You can dig the article here. Oy Vey.



July 7, 2009 - Theres a Lobot now??

On today's show, Colin shows off his Birthday card, and forces Chad, and CJSR' employees to eat left over cake. No word on their health so far. Also, Textbot stumps the world with his Star Wars Trivia question, and everyone enjoys music that means bidness!

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Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health - TFO
Little Girl - Tambourine - Tambourine
Beth Jeans Houghton - Golden - Golden
the Lovely Feathers - Fantasy of the Lot - Ossified Homes
Still Flyin' - Never Gonna Touch the Ground - Good Thing It's a Ghost Town Around Here
Crocodiles - Summer of Hate - Here Comes the Sky
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca - Stillness is the Move
Zeus - Sounds Like Zeus - Marching Through Your Head
Pretty Vanilla - In 7 Inches Deep - Lost in the Soda Shop
Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Coconut Rock - El Diablo Y El Ñau Ñau
Math the Band - Don't Worry - Why Didn't You Get Haircut
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest - While You Wait For the Others
Hot Blood Bombers - Dirty Little Party - Detroit Touch
Liza Kate - Don't Let the Dogs - Don't Let the Dogs
Dynamo Coléoptera - s/t - Memagurushi UTA (le chant trépidant)
Eugene McGuinness - s/t - Fonz
Lyra Brown - s/t - Rescuer
Elizabeth & the Catapult - Taller Children - Rainiest Day of Summer
Au Revoir Simone - Still Night, Still Light - Shadows
Jennifer LFO - Songs from the Alien Beacon - The Key (Different Than I Used to Be)
Royal City - 1999-2004 - A Belly Was Made for Wine
the Bummers - The Bummers' BBQ - You Set the Fire
the Most Serene Republic - ...and the Ever Expanding Universe - The Old Forever New Things

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