How To Lose a Podcast in Two (2) Days

It is VERY Easy to Lose a Podcast! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Copy the MP3's of your show from the Top Secret CJSR Database, to a small, 1gb USB Flash Drive.

2. Place USB Flash Drive in your Bag, along with TextBot, a deck of Casino Royale Playing Cards, and various CD's.

3. Plan to upload MP3's to podcast feed two days hence.

4. Two (2) Days later, go to splice MP3's together, and upload Podcast.

5. Discover your USB Flash Drive, is MISSING.

6. Get all excited when you think you see it, but instead, its the little lanyard thing that should have been attached to said USB Drive.

Ugh. Podcast Updated when i get new USB Flash Drive, and staple it to my FACE!  My Bad!


1 comment:

  1. Curses! This is supposed to be "sooo much easier than waking up at 7am." FAIL.
    It's totally in your bag somewhere. SOMEWHERE.