Happy ANNA Day Everyone....Well at least if her Swedish or Finish, where they Celebrate Anna Day December 9. And if yer not Swedish, then Happy Anna Day anyway! BUY Em a present!


Letters to Elise - Secret Lines - Truth Hurts
Creepshow - Run For Your Life - Run For Your Life
Company 125 - One - Killer Peas
Sillan & Young - Under My Feet - Wrecking Ball
Husband & Knife - An End - Job
Ariane Mahryke Lemire - Double Entendre - Funny Business
Marianne Dissard - L'entredeux - Le Lendemain
the Waking Eyes - Holding On to Whatever It Is - All Empires Fail
the Breakmen - When You Leave Town - That's Where I Lay Down
Eamon McGrath - Dead Empire EP - Tonight On Fire
the Fleshtones - Stocking Stuffer - Champagne Christmas
the Sir Finks - (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur De Texas - The Ugly Surfer
the Postmarks - By-the-Numbers - You Only Live Twice
Josianne Paradis - s/t - Solitude
Jenny Omnichord - Charlotte or Otis Duets for Children, Their Parents and Other People Too. - The Day We Sang "Ba Ba Ba Ba"
TV On the Radio - Dear Science - Dancing Choose
31Knots - Worried Well - The Breaks
Wire - Object 47 - Perspex Icon
Frontier Ruckus - the Orion Songbook - Mount Marcy
Deerhoof - Offend Maggie - Chandelier Searchlight
These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower and Dove - Red Line Season
Valery Gore - Avalanche to Wandering Bears - Scared

Tuesday Morning Fortune Cookie:

Happy Events Will Take Place Shortly In Your Home

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Chad and Colin

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