Hallo! Today we acknowledged people who listen in the shower. It happens. Weird.
Also, we gave away tickets to the awesome debut of the veggie donair at the Hydeaway tomorrow night! Super rad!

Hector Fector - We Are Romantic - Driving Music
Said the Whale - Taking Abalonia - Lady Hourglass, Your Head's On Fire
Okkervil River - The Stand-Ins - Singer Songwriter
One Day As A Lion - s/t EP - One Day As a Lion
Charlie Pickett - Bar Band Americanus: The Best of Charlie Pickett And - Get Off Your Porch
Ride Til Dawn - Hearts of Worlds Forgotten - Telephone Line
Tracy Shredd - Cigarettes & Smoke Machines - Remember The Time We Set the Highway on Fire?
Prairie Cat - Summer's Done EP - Just Cuz
Joe Crocker - Below the Ocean Over - Robot Clothes
Michael Rault - Crash! Boom! Bang! - Side Winder
Sam Champion - Heavenly Bender -
Redflecks - The Shiny Part (Chapter 2) - Baby
Wallpaper - On the Chewing Gum Ground - Pop Rocket
David Vandervelde - Waiting for the Sunrise - Hit the Road
The Shaky Hands - Lunglight - You're the Light
Your 33 Black Angels - Tales of my Pop-Rock Love Life - Cannonball
Marnie Stern - This Is It... - The Crippled Jazzer
Michael Zapruder - Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope - Lucy's Handmade Paper
Jason Collett - Arts & Crafts 2008 Sampler - Brother
The Replacements - Tim - Here Comes A Regular (by request)

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