Makin Whoopee Models the New Hoodie ( or, Bunnyhug)

Chad and Colin Show off the 2008 CJSR Hoodie...or..if you will..Bunnyhug

Drivin' Funds

Success!  We raised about $1575!  Which of course means I will be shaving off my moustache.  A sad day, but it was bound to happen eventually.    It'll grow back, I tell myself.  

Thanks to all of our great listeners who donated to the show and helped keep CJSR on the air for another year.  

 - Chad & Colin

Thin Lizzy - Rocker - Little Darling
Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane - TMNT Mask
Wire - Pink Flag - Champs
Weird Al - Polka Party - Polka Party
Jay Reatard - Matador Singles '08 - Always Wanting More
AC Newman - The Slow Wonder - Miracle Drug
DB Buxton Revue - No Refund EP - I Heard You Crying
Pavement - Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition - False Skorpion
BSS  Presents Brendan Canning - Something For All Of Us - Churches Under Stairs
Constantines - Kensington Heights - Our Age
Descendants - Milo Goes to College - Catalina
the Hold Steady - Stay Positive - Stay Positive
Peter Bjorn and John - Falling Out - Money
Enzo Bontempi - Italian Spiderman - Bangarang
Deerhoof - Offend Maggie - Buck and Judy
the City Streets - Fundrive 2008 - Chemicals and Young Girls

Help Kill My Stache


Free Stuff!!!

So we've decided on some giveaways for the FunDrive Fundraiser show ( Tuesday October 28th 2008). Anyone who donates to CJSR during our show, OR who comes down and enters in person, will be entered to win either:

a) an Autographed Old school Alarm Clock: The windy Bell Ringy Kind
b) an Autographed box o Fortune Cookies
c) An Autographed Hockey Puck!

Get yo pennies ready!!!


Tuesday Morning Fortune Cookie!: October 21 2008

So the Cookie spoke today and it said " You will be socially Sucessfull"

Translation: You gonna make alotta new friends. Which means more people who can help you move!

The Glue that keeps the show together: HERB ALPERT

You know what we would be without Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass? NOTHING. We would be in consequential dust mites. Herb Alpert is the Makin Whoopee band, whos smooooooth groovy sounds play in the background while we yack on the air.

If you do not have this album in your music collection, YOU SIR are a horrible human being.


What Happens when the BBC is on??

BEHOLD: Text Bot!!!

Who invented Text messaging?? WE DID!! This is Text Bot, and he wants your text messages so he can beep and jump and dance. Text him at 780 270 4243!!!



Behold CHAD as he puts together another award winning Set.

And by award winning, i mean his dad listens to the show, and heartily enjoys it.

WE Are On The Air!!!!

Its 705 am, and i am typing this as we are ON THE AIR! Yes we are pulling back the curtain and launching the Website for all the World! I am going to see if i can figure out how to take photos and put them on the site WHILE THE SHOW IS GOING ON! Thats right, thats just the type of things we do for you here.

Feel free to comment, call us at the station at 780 492 2577 ext 1 or Text our Makin Whoopee Textbot at 780 270 4243!

Now where is that camera.....




FunDrive is JUST AROUND THE CORNER: Thats right, CJSR's annual fundraiser, and the best and most adorable way to show us your love!  We're thinkin on things to do for the FunDrive show, but this is much is confirmed: I'm bring in Waffles! You should come down, be a part of the show On October 28th from 7 to 9am, have a waffle and be part of our live studio audience!  Quit your job if you have too!